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Send password reset URL

Send password reset URL

Password reset URL will be sent to your contact email address registered with Asahi Net.
Your Asahi Net User ID and contact email address registered with Asahi Net is required to reset your password.

* Notes
  • Once you reset your password, the new password will take immediate effect and your previous password can no longer be used.
  • If you are resetting a password that is saved in connection settings, on your connection devices such as router, or in email software, please change to your new password once you reset your password. We recommend you to check the connection services or email software that you are using and to print/save the configuration guide before requesting for a password reset.
ID (*)

e.g.: ab4t-ash, m1234ab567c, f1234ab567c, a-bcde12-f3, u1234ab567c, etc.
Contact email address registered with Asahi Net (*)

e.g.: asahi.taro@gmail.com
Agreements, Policies and Important Notes (*) I have read and understood the agreements below and give my consent.

Personal Information Protection Policy

Personal information you supply here will be kept on record so that we can handle your inquiry. Your personal information is handled in accordance with Asahi Net Personal Information Protection Policy.

  • Personal information provided by members will be used for the following purposes:
    1. (1)Operation of this service.
    2. (2)Contacting the member by phone, email, Web, post or other means for technical support, account administration, customer contact and business operation purposes.
    3. (3)Maintenance and improvement of Asahi Net's service through questionnaire and marketing activities.
    4. (4)Collection of Asahi Net charges.
    5. (5)Where necessary for essential areas in 1, 2, 3 and 4 above, by affiliated companies, subcontractors and, in the case of 4, the credit card company or financial institution the member has chosen to use to pay for Asahi Net charges.